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File Mgmt documentation still as blur.

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Why has it not be changed yet? See my comments below, comments are in brackets ().

Step 1. Copy plugin files into their required directories (what's the dir name? required???)
Uncompress the archive files into your /plugins directory (uncompress to required dor then it says, uncompress to path/to/GL/plugins now, where do i uncompress???). It will create a filemgmt subdirectories for the files. You will need to move the files in the admin and public subdirectories (oh, this is getting users confused! uncompress to where first of all, have not even be made clear yet, now users have to copy the files to admin and public_html folders) to their appropriate directory as indicated below.

1.1 public_html/ - Main program files

The files in the public directory under your new plugins/filemgmt folder need to be moved to /public_html/filemgmt directory

I've a working version of filemgmt and have also tried out GL's forum before @ www.itcow.com and i've got it working before and recently, was trying out some other stuffs, did a fresh installation of GL 1.3.8-pl1, download filemgmt, forum

Also see http://www.langfamily.ca/forum/viewtopic.php?forum=2&showtopic=609

I hope i can help re-write the documentation for such great plugins! I myself was copying files here and there but have never really understnad or know (as i know i'm i have some duplication of files that are not needed) where to place the files etc.

To add, the documentation for Forum are just a modification of the Filemgmt's documentation. I'm sure we're all, all right with these so long instructions are clear.


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I'll start compiling the documentation and mail Blaine i guess, he change the documentation or not, up to him, i just hope it'll be more clear for users like me, especially new ones whose wanna venture to a CMS and then plugins have quality plugins like Blaine's with quality documentation. I'll start with the filemgmt plugin first.

ok here goes:

1. Where to place all the files? When users has downloaded the filemgmt plugin, where do they unzip the files?

2. ok, then run installation program http://your_geeklog_url/admin/plugins/filemgmt/install.php

3. Then Create dirs:

o filemgmt_data/files

o filemgmt_data/files/tmp

o filemgmt_data/snaps

o filemgmt_data/snaps/tmp

o filemgmt_data/category_snaps

The rest later...


I hear ya. The installation for any gl plugin is a nightmare. SO I've started to recompilled all my plugins to help the community. There is an extremely simplified and almost idiot proof way to install plugins. I reorganized the entire Forum Plugin installation and sent it back to the author. I included all respective folder's in the installer for ftp users. It seems like all install instructions are based for telnet/ssh. I don't use that crap. I much prefer WS_FTP. I've never used Cute but i've heard that's just as good. If you can't get your forum's plugin to work email me and I'll send you my version. All code is the same only the manner in which the files and folders are organized are changed. For example...

Need to install root/public_html/admin/plugin/forum ?

I've included the associated folders and subfolders in the installer so you just have to follow the paths via opening folders. Smile
All instructions included plus the original install in case you want to use telnet/ssh.

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It is true that the plugins could be easier to install - an auto installer would be nice like Xoops and this is an objective for GL2.

Having said that, we have a lot of users that have no problems at all and I use a FTP client all the time to install plugins.

Regarding the Filemgmt Install Steps:

Step 1. Copy plugin files into their required directories
This the title of the step. The detail explaination follows the heading Eek! , It would not tell you where yet. Read another 10 words
  • Uncompress the archive files into your /plugins directory. It will create a filemgmt subdirectories for the files. You will need to move the files in the admin and public subdirectories to their appropriate directory as indicated below

This copies the complete archive to the plugins folder where the main plugin function.inc, config and language files are expected. This directory is normally outside your public accessible webtree, so you need to copy the public and admin files under your main geeklog public and admin install directories.

I've attempted before to include much more detail, many users just don't want to read it. It's clear when the don't even read past the subject line.

All the plugin installs are the same except for the need to customize themes or modify config files which are more plugin specific.

Basically the steps are as follows:

  • Uncompress new plugin to the plugins folder
  • Create your public_html/plugin_name folder and move or copy the public files for the new plugin there
  • Create your public_html/admin/plugins/plugin_name folder and move or copy the admin files for the new plugin
  • The plugin editor should now automatically see the new plugin - run install.
  • Done -- now complete any other plugin specific setup like directory permissions, theme files, CSS changes, config options.

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