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few questions, several problems

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Hi guys,
Since I\'m using SPACEPORTS for hosting, GL gave me a lot of headaches... so please help me out.

1) Someone has a easier tutorial for instaling filemgtm? The .doc and readme is not that especific... I was having a lot of problems, so I want to start over with that

2) Since SPACEPORTS DONT have sendmail or any other mail scrip/program, users after the registration on my GL page, will never receive the password. Is there a way to fix that like the password appear in a html (or some other way) right after the subscription? (or something like that)

3) My RDF/RSS don\'t work! I tried over 4 links (all of them are ok) and all my 4 Portal blocks just show:
\"GeekLog can not reach the supplied RDF file at 2003-09-29 22:18:09. Please double check the URL provided. Make sure your url is correctly entered and it begins with http://. GeekLog will try in one hour to fetch the file again. \"

Configuration is ok, so I don\'t know else what to do.

4) Does anyone have or know where I get specific geeklog tutorials? I\'m not a PHP coder or a programmer, but I know computers a lot. And geeklog was my first and nice experience with \"professional homepages\".

sorry for the long threat, but I really need help. I already did a search in the forum and faq without luck.


Marco Fulvio

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1) I am also new to geeklog and have recently installed filemgmt plugin. It is not that hard to figure out. What exactly did you not understand and where are you stuck? You might want to quote that part of the text in install docs that you feel, is not clear.

4) You might want to go through this thread: http://www.geeklog.net/forum/viewtopic.php?forum=6&showtopic=24836. It has links to some tutorials.


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