Just like to thank you guys for this conversation. I\'ve installed Linux and am about to install MYSQL, PHP and APACHE. THEN I was going to install Geeklog. I was very much concerned that I had little idea how the Geeklog paths should look. I have /home on a separate partition. If I make two paths on /home (something like \"gl/html\" and \"gl/the other stuff\"), and set the rights according to the instructions, would anyone be able to see or alter the geeklog code?

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It\'s not so much a matter of the paths but how paths are mapped to URLs. You should install Geeklog such that there\'s no way that anyone could access, for example, config.php via a URL. Only those files that are inside Geeklog\'s public_html directory should be accessible via a URL. bye, Dirk


Thanks Dirk. I have a geeklog site i developed on a win2k workstation under IIS. It is all under the directory \"inetpub\". I\'m thinking of simply transferring it to my Linux server keeping the directory names as is. That is why I asked. Currently, it works fine. The public directory is \"c:inetpubwwwroot\". Everything else is under c:inetpubsite\". I\'m hoping I can just make the first path into \"/inetpub/wwwroot\" and the second into \"/inetpub/site\". I am having a very hard time making the switch from Windows to Linux. I\'m REinstalling Linux again as I write this (for the gazillionth time!). I hope I got it right this time. I still have to configure mysql and php! Frown Will be real nice to finally see the site online, after all this time!!!

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