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I used this as a template for mine. I believe it's for 1.3.8, so the code is a little different in 1.3.9, the version I'm using. I haven't had much time the last few days to work on mine, so it remains as is. As my above post says, it's on my development computer, so I'm not under any pressure to get it done. If - actually - WHEN I get it all sorted out, I'll post what I did here.


Nah...v1.3.9 has many changes in the code of users.php. Unfortunately I can't make any sense yet as to which parts I must change.

Maybe a developer could point out which functions are called during user registration?


I am using gl_1.3.11 and the users.php v93 is completly different from the one that you have displayed. Could you help me to make the necessary changes in v93 to have the same functionality. Please help. I will be very thankful to you


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