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Just curious if anybody would be up to the challenge of building a user monitor plugin. It is relatively simple...here would be my requirements: 1) Should be easily turned on/off via config or, preferrably, via the plugin admin interface (i.e. just disabling the plugin). This is key a there will be considerable overhead in tracking this stuff. When enabled it should note the date/time so all reporting is based on when this was enabled 2) Track how often a specific logged in user accesses the site...this would have to key off an inactivity timeout where if they haven't hit the site within that threshold then the next page view is considered a new visit 3) track the pages the users visit (how often) 4) reporting should give aggregate results including things like average visit length, average # of unique members that visit the site per day, total member visits, etc. It should also give the usernames of all the unique members who have visited the site and how many visits, etc. 5) ability to reset the data to start a new tracking period with option of archiving the data. My intention is to get around the fact that my GL install as 1200 users and I want to know of those how many are active in a given week and how they are using my site. Anybody else think this would be useful?
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I think this is a great idea! In fact, it was part of my inspiration for creating the "Performance Monitors". To some extent, I have included these capabilities in the performance monitor hack. I currently log each page request into a table (gl_page_stats). The table records username, ip, the execution time of the page (as measured by the timer object), and the date/time of the request. Now, there would be some obvious work to make the hack a true plugin plus some additional work to develop reports. One would also need to develop the archive/pruning logic for the data. Point being, I think I’m about halfway there. I’d be happy to work with someone to fill in the gaps. Any takers?
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Danny, I can assist with the Plugin coding. Let me know if I can help otherwise. Once you have the main code written, I can then take it and look at the plugin integration. Blaine

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