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This isn'st really a bug. I just installed the 1.3.5sr2 patches. When I did so I nuked a couple of very small customizations other people might find useful. 1. Event days is currently hard coded to 14 days. Our site is small and only has a couple of events per year. Hence, nothing ever shows up in the upcoming events block. To fix this:: a) I added a config variable: $_CONF['upcoming_event_days']=300; b) At about line 2065 replace the variable $eventSql with: $eventSql = "SELECT eid, title, url, datestart, dateend FROM WHERE dateend >= NOW() AND ". "(TO_DAYS(datestart) - TO_DAYS(NOW()) < ) ORDER BY datestart, dateend"; 2. Batch adding users. This script for adding users is very handy but it required that the server have write access to in the $_CONF['path'] directory. I'm not so keen on this idea. So I: a) created a new directory called uploads own by the server process and chmod 700. b) created a new config variable: $_CONF['upload_path'] = $_CONF['path'] . 'uploads/'; c) modified admin/user.php $upload = new upload(); $upload->setPath($_CONF['uploads']); $upload->setAllowedMimeTypes(array('text/plain')); $upload->setFileNames('user_import_file.txt'); if ($upload->uploadFiles()) { // Good, file got uploaded, now install everything $thefile = current($HTTP_POST_FILES); $filename = $_CONF['uploads'] . 'user_import_file.txt'; } else { // A problem occurred, print debug information print 'ERRORS<br>'; $upload->printErrors(); exit; }


Nice - I could use that. But I thought we didn't nuke things here... we're GL... perhaps we GLue them? You know, like the glue that binds a community together? Off topic but, perhaps GLUE is a potential name. Or is that just too lame? Smile Euan. (who never claimed to have taste).

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