Is there a tool to convert stories to forum entries? Question

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I have uploaded the migration script that I created to convert all stories and comments to a Forum. It only works for the Geeklog Forum Plugin - is there really any other Rolling Eyes It will create a new topic for every article with it\'s comments as posts. It also automatically converts all links that were to topics that are now in the forum. I report all links that I do find for you to check out. Some are to external site, others are to articles and comments that you still have in Geeklog Topics. We converted some 10,000 articles and comments in less then a min on this server Mr. Green Read the directions carefully at the top of the program. You have the power - use it carefully. Always make backups first and know that they work. You can find the file in our downloads here
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Thanks!! Once again Blaine, you came through in a big way!!