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New site in GeekLog blog family 8)


Thanks for geeklog we got this site up..

Geeklog's clear structure and code made it relatively easy to integrate phpLinks , phpBB 2 and in the future hopefully also Gallery.

It's not fully done yet (if any site ever is) but it's ready to be looked. Need still to work with the login processes and get the 3 talking to each other..

OOpps.. The URL http://www.looneysweb.com Oh yeah. check the nifty color slider on the upper right Wink

Geeklog IS flexible...

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Let us know when you get phpBB2 working with GL, that'd be sw33t. ----- --Matty


Yeah I will.. I'm afraid we have now integrated together quite a many features under the same GUI and now we're going to face the REAL integration making them all speak together 8)

The phpBB2 already sits nicely in the GUI btw http://www.looneysweb.com/phpBB/index.php

The "gallery" project took a hike but we got another one worth checking out 8) http://photography-on-the.net/ee/index.php. Doesn't support web interface uploads but *ahem ahem*...
It supports mirror sites which comes very handy 8) Ok.. I'll shut up. No need to write a book 8)


Integration with phpBB2 *AND* especially Gallery (photo album) would make me convert from phpWeblog to using GeekLog !


Well I don't think it'd be that hard anyway but unfortunately _I_ an not gonna do it as our WWW server runs PHP in safe mode which won't work with Gallery. There is a way to run PHP as CGI but that much I don't want to go tamper with the server as I don't know enough about the technology and how it works, it's server loads, CPU loads and such.. We're gonna use a highly modified version of Exhibition Engine and I have to say it fits far better to our sites scheme than Gallery. We rrather take multi-server mirroring features than autoresize, WWW upload as we know how to use Photoshop and FTP after all Wink

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