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WAP type theme for PDA browsing

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Dave Pain

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Hi May I first thank you guys for such a useful and flexible tool. I have installed a site running on Mac OS X on my companies intranet and it is working well. My querry revolves around the availability of a very sparse theme that would be suitable for use on the Blackberry devices we use. I was going to create one over the weekend by stripping out all the graphics, and blocks etc from a copy of one of the standard themes when it occured to me that such a theme may already exist. Are you aware of a bare bones theme being available somewhere? Thanks for your help.


The classic theme would probably be the best to place to start . Or go to http://project.geeklog.net/~dhaun/index.php and check out the 56 themes.


there isn't really a WAP/WML compatible theme, but don't hesitate to post a link to one here once you find/make one (I work for Blackberry and it'd be nice to propose the theme along with Geeklog to some customers of ours)


My suggestion would be to write a static page without headers and simply display the RSS feed output by GL, change the links to targets and then call the stories based on whatever filter you wish. You could even follow this with some output from the links section, or whatever. The problem is not only with the graphics (which plucker will handle nicely) but mainly with the blocks, which contain all kinds of neato dynamic content. They almost always cause wierd splaying in the display, resulting in scrolling down for a few days till you can read the stories, and about a days worth of scrolling to reach the bottom of the page. This isn't a problem with GL, which is beautiful in layout and display, but rather with attempting to cram several hundred pixels onto a postage stamp. Don't get me wrong, love my palm, but...... that 200$ screen is about to make me blind. So, find a static PHP page to strip out the blocks, display the entire thing,stories and all, on one page, or better yet find a way to break it up, and give your palm users a tasty treat. Oh, BTW sorry I haven't posted in a while, but in order to keep up with Blaine, Lindburg, Dirk and the guys I had to go back to school and become a programmer. Thanks guys for the inspriation. --Maximus

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