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Resizing Images in Articles

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After several months of using Geeklog, I still haven't yet figured out how to get my images resized when uploading with a story. I use ImageMagick, which works with Gallery, and 4images perfectly. My ImageMagick version is 5.5.5 upgraded from 5.5.2 which also didn't work. If I resize it offline, it loads without problem, therefore it is not the directory permission problem. I have read articles with similar problem, but there was no answer for them either. Please help. Sam

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For starters it would help if you described what your actual problem is ... Did you set it up properly (in config.php)? Do you get any error messages? bye, Dirk


Yes. It is set up properly in the config. $_CONF['image_lib'] = '/usr/local/bin/'; // can be netpbm, imagemagick $_CONF['path_to_mogrify'] = '/usr/local/bin/mogrify'; The error message is: Image, 024_23.jpg had trouble being resized Thanks, Sam


image_lib should be the name 'imagemagick' or 'netpbm', not the path. I was confused by the decription above asking for the path and in the same time showing a path '/usr/local/bin' by default. So I ended up trying all kinds of paths with out success. Now I can exhale! Sam

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Have you tried running mogrify on the command line manually? (make a copy of the image file and run mogrify on the copy)

PHP Formatted Code

$ cp 024_23.jpg copy_024_23.jpg
$ mogrify -geometry 200x200 copy_024_23.jpg

Toss the original file on a webserver somewhere and post the URL, maybe its corrupted somehow (or has tagged data fields that imagemagick can't deal with). I've come across images (especially 'supposed' JPG/JFIF files) that imagemagick would have no problem with on 9 out of 10 machines... or on versions 5.x.2, 5.x.4, but not 5.x.3

Lucas Thompson, sardu@mac,com

Lucas Thompson, sardu@mac,com

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