Hi i recently am wanting to make my own web server so i installed apache and php but when i go to my http://localhost page it is blank, it used to have an error come up but i fixed it and now it is just blank. My geuss is that i havent installed the php file extension properly because it just wont view the geeklog files!


Try creating a file called test.php with the following as its contents
PHP Formatted Code

then access this page in your browser... if you do not see the page output a table with all of your PHP configuration, the browser shwos the above code, or there are errors then you have an issue with your PHP install

if NOTHING shows up then you have a problem with Apache probally...

you have not said what platform or versions you are running so this is just general troubleshooting suggestions Smile


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You can check your processes with ps and grep for the httpd process and make sure it's running. If your not sure, you can also just run /path_to_apache/bin/apachectl restart and refresh everything. You may also want to make sure your system isn't doing something odd and not resolving localhost.