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I started shopping around for a good open source CMS. Geeklog was my third try, and I plan to stop here. I love this software. Initially, I had all sorts of problems logging in as administrator. I tried to get in through the backdoor by ripping out the security features. After a couple of hours and still not being able to get full access, I decided to try a new install which ended up clearing the problem. My initial bad experience led me to dig through the code. I was quite impressed w/ the amount of built-in security which the other two CMS' lacked completely. I stumbled onto squatty's website and decided to try installing a couple of blocks and was quite amazed how painless it was. The included instructions were well-written and easy to follow. Well done! Now for my questions. Where can I can find documentation on all the features in Geeklog?? If there isn't any, I can continue playing around and figure it out. Also, are there any other sites besides sourceforge I should check for known bugs??

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All the documentation we have is in the docs directory (also available online). Not all the features are explained there, but I hope that most of them are more or less self-explanatory. If you look through the list of config options that may also give you some ideas about what is there.

As in many software projects, documentation is not the part that attracts a lot of help - coding is so much "cooler" ... The Geeklog documentation has gradually improved over the last releases, often by help from people outside the core team. Feel free to contribute here.

If you're looking for known bugs, you should first check the bug tracker on the project pages. Please note that bugs may already have been fixed in CVS, so make sure you look through the list of closed bug reports before reporting a problem.

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Thanks much. After I get my site up and working, I don't mind helping out with documentation to help give back to the group.

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You may also want check out the current Developers Guide that Tom Willett and I are writting. It's still a work in process but we are posting our drafts and edits as we complete them.

You can access it on Tom's site here


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I, too, have found myself wishing there was more documentation for GeekLog. I'm a newbie when it comes to PHP & blogs/CMS, and I don't remember much of the UNIX I learned in college. The basic docs are helpful, but what I'm looking for is something more like a User's Guide that would describe the features, options, etc. Something as simple & basic as that would be very helpful for users like me. Smile Peace, Rich

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