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Error Message Shows up Randomly and Stays


How can I prevent this from happenning: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class timerobject in E:\Web Hosting\geeklog-1.3.5sr2\system\classes\timer.class.php on line 51 This happens so randomly. Last time, the only solution was reinstalling geek. Any ideas guys?

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I have never seen this before. Anyone? Is this the only error message you get? Is there anything in Geeklog's error.log file? And what exactly did you do when you got this message? bye, Dirk


I'm running on Windws.NET...but no, there is nothing specific I am doing. Basically I could be surfing the site or someone else can be and all of a sudden it will just start doing that. And after a while, it comes back and is working agian. Sometiems the message comes up once...others it hard locks the websurfing. It is not in the error log.

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I'm not the original poster of this question, but I searched for the error text, and here I am.

Anyways, I just got this error when I was trying to "mirror" my website. I tried this by copying my whole web tree over to another directory (ie. www.mysite.com --> dev.mysite.com), and then also copied my database files into a new database directory. After this, I changed all the paths in GeekLog's config.php and lib-common.php hoping that it would work and I would have a duplicate of my website that I could mess with.

This is when I got the error: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class timerobject in /home/httpd/my_site/geeklog/system/classes/timer.class.php on line 51

It was a good try, but I'm guessing it'd be easier just to re-install GL into a new directory and migrate everything over? Or does my explanation bring a solution to mind?


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