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Trouble with login, some functionality on clean install


I just did a new installation of geeklog and am having some trouble. The home page comes up fine, the "Welcome to Geeklog!" article appears as usual, and all images appear unbroken, etc. But when I try to login or create new user, I keep getting the login page <http://localhost/path/to/geeklog/public_html/users.php?mode=new> and "You may have mistyped your login credentials." Also, if I try to "do" most anything (eg post a comment on the Welcome story, vote on the poll, "Personalize"Wink I get dropped back on the home page. If I do a search, I keep getting dropped on the "Search page" with unpopulated fields. Finally, some stuff seems to work fine (Site Stats, Links). Ring any bells? Cleared my cookies, and problem persisted, Also I checked in php.ini and "register_globals = On". Also I ran "check.php" and it said everything was okay. I'm guessing it's MySQL-related, maybe (permissions problem or something?). This is geeklog-1.3.5sr2 running on PHP 4.2.2 and mysql-3.23.51 all on OSX 10.1.5. Any other details that might help? Thanks in advance: I'm sure it's pilot error! :-)

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I know you said you checked it, but this sounds like register_globals is still off. Make sure you edited the right php.ini - <http://localhost/path/to/geeklog/public_html/admin/install/info.php> will tell you were PHP expects the php.ini file. When calling the install script, it should also print out a notice when register_globals is off. Also make sure you restart your web server after you change php.ini. I have literally dozens of Geeklog installations on almost exactly the same setup (MacOS X 10.1.5, PHP 4.2.2, MySQL 3.23.51) and it's working flawlessly. Actually, parts of Geeklog are developed in that environment :-) bye, Dirk


Many thanks, Dirk. I was editing the wrong php.ini (/Library/ WebServer/PHP4X/).

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