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Menu Items in Header


I just installed the Geeklog, and I confused by looking for the file to change top menu, it can't be done from the header.thtml since there is only , where can I do it?


version 1.3.2 lib-common, lines 342-387 (lines may differ in your ver.) // contribute link $header->set_var('menuitem_url', $_CONF['site_url'] . '/submit.php?type=story'); $header->set_var('menuitem_text', $LANG01[71]); $header->parse('menu_elements', 'menuitem', true); // links link $header->set_var('menuitem_url', $_CONF['site_url'] . '/links.php'); $header->set_var('menuitem_text', $LANG01[72]); $header->parse('menu_elements', 'menuitem', true); // polls link $header->set_var('menuitem_url', $_CONF['site_url'] . '/pollbooth.php'); $header->set_var('menuitem_text', $LANG01[73]); $header->parse('menu_elements', 'menuitem', true); // calendar link $header->set_var('menuitem_url', $_CONF['site_url'] . '/calendar.php'); $header->set_var('menuitem_text', $LANG01[74]); $header->parse('menu_elements', 'menuitem', true); // Get plugin menu options $plugin_menu = PLG_getMenuItems(); if ($_COM_VERBOSE) { COM_errorLog('num plugin menu items in header = ' . count($plugin_menu),1); } for ($i = 1; $i <= count($plugin_menu); $i++) { $header->set_var('menuitem_url', current($plugin_menu)); $header->set_var('menuitem_text', key($plugin_menu)); $header->parse('plg_menu_elements', 'menuitem', true); next($plugin_menu); } if (count($plugin_menu) == 0) $header->set_var('plg_menu_elements', '&nbsp;'); // Search link $header->set_var('menuitem_url', $_CONF['site_url'] . '/search.php'); $header->set_var('menuitem_text', $LANG01[75]); $header->parse('menu_elements', 'menuitem', true); // Stats link $header->set_var('menuitem_url', $_CONF['site_url'] . '/stats.php'); $header->set_var('menuitem_text', $LANG01[76]); $header->parse('menu_elements', 'menuitem', true);

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