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PHP Error in 1.3.2-1


Hi, I've just logged in to my new installation of Geeklog, and began erasing all users other than Admin as I found them unecessary for my site. Upon deleting the 4th user down (unable to remember the name), the site all of a sudden logged me out with a red message saying my credentials were invalid and about 20 php warnings:

Warning: Wrong datatype for second argument in call to in_array() in /home/asmodeous/vhost/system/lib-security.php on line 133

I tried to log back in again, but it wouldn't let me. Upon going in to mysql it appears that no entries were any longer in the table 'users'. I copied the line for Admin from the sql data file and pasted that in to mysql, and can now successfully log in again. The problem is, the warnings above show until I log in as admin. My site is http://www.teenagemedia.com/ if you want to see an example of what I'm getting.

I'd be greatful for any assistance. Thank you.


I can log onto the web, but when I attempt to use my Netscape browser, I get the following messages. "Netscape is unable to locate the server www.redhat.com. Please check the server name and try again." "Warning: the following hosts are unknown. home.netscape.com home6.netscape.com internic.net This means that some or all hosts will be unreachable. Perhaps there is a problem with your name server? If your site must use a non-root name server, you will need to set the $SOCKS_NS environment variable to point at the appropriate name server. I may (or may not) be necessary to set this variable, or the SOCKS host preference, to the IP address of the host in question rather than its name. Consult your system administrator." I am new to using Linux. Will someone please help me? Thanks, Jimmie


I don't know how to fix this properly because I don't get how the group code works, but to get the errors to go away you can use the following method (WARNING - this may break the groups code entirely, may make the group security useless, or do other bad things. Use at your own risk) Change the segment of code starting at line 133 in lib-security.php that looks like this: if (in_array($grp_to_verify, $_GROUPS)) { return true; } else { return false; } To this: if (!$_GROUPS) { $_GROUPS = array(none); } if (in_array($grp_to_verify, $_GROUPS)) { return true; } else { return false; }

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