i`ve installed filemgmt (latest version) on geeklog138-1
chmoded all dirs and files correctly and i get this error in the error.log when i try to upload a file:

Thu Sep 11 18:37:18 2003 - Filemgmt submit error: Temporary file could not be created: /tmp/phpvSMs76 to /www/

the tmp/ dir from /public_html is chmoded 755 because of the restrictions on server.

what is the problem?

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The owner of your directory needs to be the owner that the webserver runs as. With 755 the only write permission is owner.
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I am also getting this Thu Oct 16 00:18:27 2003 - Filemgmt File add by admin error: New file could not be created: /tmp/phpAQqcWX to /public_html/filemgmt_data/files/footer.thtml

What should I do to resolve the issue, I have chmod all to 777.

Any idea????
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