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Need help with geeklog/gallery


Ok, I have geeklog 1.3.4 up and running with no problems. I am having trouble getting intergrating gallery. Can some body email the altered files for gallery? I did a normal fresh install with no problems. mamosley@mindspring.com

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Instead of emailling these patches around it would be nice if someone could collect and post or upload them somewhere. Lots of people (including me ;-) seem to be interested in these patches ...

bye, Dirk



There is a nice howto in this site. Search on Gallery and it is called Embedded Gallery Howto (I Think. It has the most hits of the gallery search). This helped me get gallery working. I am trying to compile all the things I did to get gallery to Authenticate with gallery and be wrapped in GL. I found everything by doing a search on Gallery but I did have to look for awhile.


However i recall that the Howto on this site was followed up by a couple of more messages with corrections and updates. It would be nice if someone could update the Howto to include these changes and updates. cheers, -Alan

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I followed the How-To on Adrian Chungs GL site located here and found them very complete.

Now, I must say my first attempt as a newbie did not go well, but I started over and followed the steps carefully and it worked well.

Couple of notes:

  • This integration works well but is really gallery being wrapped with Geeklog formating
  • You still need to add a link inside GL (several ways to do this) to the gallery URL
  • There is a section of code that you add to the gallery wrapper.footer file that handles wrapping the GL blocks and footer around Gallery. This section begins with # Display any blocks. You can find this exact code at the end of geeklog/public_html/index.php. It's far easier to copy and paste it in.
  • Don't forget to run the patch which is the last step


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    How do you run the patch? Everything is working fine but I can't admin my gallery.


    OK, that was awsome, that helped me out alot!!!!

    thank you
    brian french
    my geeklog site is located at bfrench.sometimes.org.


    how do you apply the patch? everything works. fine. but gallery does not span across the right section. and it stays logged in as the user when you log out of geeklog.


    Thanks for putting up the HOWTO-page. I have to try this as soon as possible. It took me some time to get GL up and running and it would be nice to have Gallery on my page. Lots of pictures to show :-)

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