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Let's change the way the pages work for the better


I'd like to propose that the PHP pages have a different integration of html and code. Instead of having the code "print" the html why not have the code inside the html? This way the pages can be re-designed without designing a page and cutting it up just to put it into the code.I've been doing this for a long time with M$ ASP and it allows me (developer) and our web designer to work on the same pages (at different times) and not bother each others work.

I'll be glad to start making the required changes (although my experience with PHP is limited) and give examples. I'll do all of it eventually anyway unless there is a groundswell of community effort.

And while I'm changing things I'm going to make a "LinkCategory" table to handle the categorization of links. I'll be happy to post the necessary changes for this back to this community also.

Tane Sez:

Mark Limburg has already been working on cleaning up and reformatting the HTML and PHP in the pages, and themes will make it even more abstract.
If Mark wants to chime in on this, he might give you a better understanding of what changes have been made.

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Instead of doing that we will be implementing a template system that will make it easy to create multiple themes within geeklog and, eventually, will allow the USER to decide what theme they can use (of course, all this will be configurable). So, to address you point, yes we are removing all the print statements that output HTML and will replace it with a template engine. Stay tuned!
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What is the timescale for doing this? Any ideas? P.S. when I preview this comment before I post, the title contains a single quote preceeded by a slash. Slight bug in the code there methinks.

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We're looking to have templates and themes in a 1.3 release. My current focus is getting the code into a more modular design, and from there, the template system is next.
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testing, i might use this script for my site

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Hello everyone. Why can\'t I post a new topic? each time I try I receive this: Error! Not all required fields were completed or were too short in length.
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The minimum userid length in the forum plugin is 3 characters, your id is 2. I would call this a misconfiguration. Sorry.

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Quote by D1: Error! Not all required fields were completed or were too short in length.
Try again now. I didn\'t even know the forum did a check for the lenght of the username, but made a few changes in the code now ... bye, Dirk

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