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Geeklog in endless loop


So what happened here? We had Geeklog running for most of 2002, and one day it just stopped. It kept recycling a blank white homepage (refresh 0 seconds). Tech support suggested commenting the following if-clause from index.php, allowing Geeklog to load. Anyone care to elucidate, thanks? 0kapi ======================== preg_match ("///([^/]*)/", $_CONF['site_url'], $server); /*** COMMENTING OUT if-CLAUSE *** if ($HTTP_SERVER_VARS['HTTP_HOST'] != $server[1]) { // this may be a case of a www. vs. non-www. URL ... if (!empty ($QUERY_STRING)) { $query = '?' . $QUERY_STRING; } else { $query = ''; } echo COM_refresh ($_CONF['site_url'] . '/index.php' . $query); exit; } *********************************/ $display = ''; // End of snip. ======================== And a Happy & Prosperous New Year to Tony and everyone else out there in Geekland!

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This piece of code was added to ensure that Geeklog starts at the correct URL when people try to log in, thus avoiding the popular problem where users were listed on the Who's Online block but didn't have the User Functions block. However, it seems some setups don't have the $HTTP_SERVER_VARS['HTTP_HOST'] variable set, so this code will fail and result in an endless loop, as you noticed. We'll try to come up with a more compatible solution in the next release. bye, Dirk


Thanks Dirk - You are saying that the code expects certain system variables, that may not be properly set or present on some hosts. In such cases the effects will be pretty serious -- an endlessly looping blank white page. Is it safe to simply disable the if statement? ie this is not a security issue? Thanks for the help. 0k

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I experienced the same looping index.php and was able to fix the problem by specifying the exact cookie domain in the Geeklog config.php $_CONF['cookiedomain'] = 'www.yourdomain.com';

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I hope that a working 8and good) solution will be found for this problem. Here is an example that explains why it is important (all names in this example are made up):
I have one server which is located on a small LAN behind my firewall. On this LAN, the server is known as 'internal' (actually 'internal.fake-domain.no' but that isn't important). This server uses a dynamic DNS service (for example DynDNS.org) so that it can have a presence on the internet. The public known name is 'external.dyndns.org'. Geeklog is installed, and the name of the site (site_url) is set to 'external.dyndns.org'. So in order to stop the endless looping I had to disable that code in index.php completely.

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