Subject: reCAPTCHA install problem

Posted on: 29/05/21 09:30am
By: worldfooty


I recently jumped from GL1.8 (I think) to 2.2.1sr1. At various times I thought I'd bricked my site, but I'm getting there. I had a lot of customisations that no longer work, I had professional theme with lots of small mods, and heavily reliant on glmenu, so I'm not sure it'll ever get back to its former glory.

Anyway, in the space of a few hours of upgrading I already have 100+ new users trying to sign up, no doubt all bots. I have the queue turned on but it's still a pain and frankly I'd rather allow no new users but there doesn't seem to be such an option?

I'm also trying to get reCAPTCHA working. I don't think I had it installed previously but when I go to the plugins menu and install it I get (in error.log):

Sat 29 May 2021 22:22:40 ACST - - Attempting to install the 'recaptcha' plugin
Sat 29 May 2021 22:22:40 ACST - - Attempting to create 'reCAPTCHA Admin' group
Sat 29 May 2021 22:22:40 ACST - - 1062: Duplicate entry 'reCAPTCHA Admin' for key 'grp_name'. SQL in question:
Sat 29 May 2021 22:22:40 ACST - - Error creating plugin group

And yes there's nothing further written in the SQL in question line above.

Any ideas what the issue could be?

P.S. I haven't been on here for many years, it's always been a helpful community, so I just want to say I hope everyone is doing okay with covid, we've watched on in sadness from Australia as it's caused havoc in Europe and North America and most other places.

Re: reCAPTCHA install problem

Posted on: 29/05/21 11:10am
By: Laugh

Yes glMenu was something I wanted to get upgraded for Geeklog 2.0.0 + but unfortunately it never happened.

Geeklog 2.2.1sr1 is vastly superior to Geeklog 1.8 so lets try to get you moved over.

If you plan on doing a lot of theme modifications I would suggest creating a child theme as it would just include the modified template files only and then the parent theme (denim) would then contain all the rest of the templates. This way with future updates the Denim theme would get updated which then makes it easier to apply any updates needed for your child theme.

You can disable new user registrations. Just go to the Geeklog Configuration and the user section. "Disable New Registrations" is the first option.

It looks like you had tried to install recaptcha before as it looks to be erroring out on trying to add the recaptcha admin group.

Can you look in your user groups and do you see the reCAPTCHA Admin? I so (and you do not have the reCAPTCHA plugin installed) then delete the group and try again. Hopefully that will work.

Re: reCAPTCHA install problem

Posted on: 29/05/21 11:24am
By: worldfooty

Disable new registrations - how did I miss that?! Done, thanks. Is there a plugin that works well to stop all the bots etc trying to register, so that I could actually let real people into my site? Otherwise I just get 1000 false attempted new users per day.

Uninstalling the reCAPTCHA group - done, install then worked, thanks again!

I might start a new thread about menus because I'm confused about what is what, there seems to be multiple flavours with similar names.

Re: reCAPTCHA install problem

Posted on: 29/05/21 12:41pm
By: Laugh

Once you install reCAPTCHA you need to go into the Geeklog Configuration to the reCAPTCHA section.

You will need to get some keys from Google to enable it. v2 is the older version of reCAPTCHA that requires the user to click the checkmark. v3 is the newer version and it requires no user input (but I fine it sometimes does let in more spam).

You can then on the Geeklog Integration tab enable or disable reCAPTCHA for comments, contact, and User Registration (which is what you want). Enabling reCAPTCHA will greatly reduce user spam and is what we use here on

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