Subject: Years before 2020

Posted on: 17/01/21 03:34am
By: Anonymous

I want to create old posts with years before 2020. Where can I set this?

Re: Years before 2020

Posted on: 17/01/21 10:19am
By: Laugh

We don't have a way to config the year dropdown.

The easy way would be to create the article with any date and then go in after the fact and modify the stories table and date column for the article in phpmyadmin or something.

The other option is just before you save the article in your browser enable the browser developer tools (usually by pressing F12) and manual inspect the year field and edit the current selection and update the id of the field to what year you want and then hit save. The Article Editor only cares that the field returns a valid year and not if it falls within a certain range of years.

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