Subject: Group Permission

Posted on: 30/06/19 09:57am

How can I restrict who can view&edit each article so that only a certain group of people can read the articles?
(I did some test on my site and your demo site but please instruct me.)

On your demo site, all newly posted article end up with "read only". Even the owner (creator?) is not allowed to edit. Do you know how to solve that?

And one more question, I want to debug group function on my site. I want to see the code which create the dropdown list of allowed groups for the user when you create/edit a post.
Which code is for that?


Re: Group Permission

Posted on: 30/06/19 08:24pm
By: Laugh

If you want only certain group to view an article you will need to create a the group and then assign all the users you want to it, to have read access to the articles. When you create the article make sure the owner has read/edit access, group have read access (select the one you created first), and then member and anonymous have no read access.

Remember the topic the article is assigned to can also affect who can edit or read the article. (ie if they do not have read access to the topic they will not be able to read the article even if they have read access to it)

For the article group drop down, the function SEC_getGroupDropdown is called which can be found in lib-security.php. Access 3 is passed to it (which is edit access). It is called from public_html/admin/article.php around line 427 (or so as I am looking at the latest code at the moment).

Re: Group Permission

Posted on: 01/07/19 06:36pm

I'll try it later, thanks Laugh.

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