Subject: plugins as vendor module

Posted on: 13/01/19 05:19pm
By: remy

I see that Geeklog is using system/vendor as the location for third-party scripts. This is good.

What is the policy for third-party plugins? Same for third-party themes? Same for php_blocks?

What if a plugin is bought from an external vendor? F.i. sells plugins, which are installed following current policies (in the gl filesystem).

Is this a feature-request, or is this coming in some future release anyway?

Background: I'm using a plugin that can be extended (with some configuration, or add-on, or plug-in, or whatever one names it). In fact, it allows being extended with web-apps (config + sql + templates). The 'vendor' issue exists here on various levels: the plugin itself, the app and the database component. Possibly also the middleware like cloud or protocol. Usage of google firebase is a similar thought experiment.

Re: plugins as vendor module

Posted on: 14/01/19 08:29am
By: Laugh

Right now plugins should only keep their files in the following directories:


I have seen some plugins which include 3rd party libraries use:


Currently there is not a way for plugins to add and remove libraries from system/vendor so the library can be shared by all. Nothing has been planned at the moment either so you would need to make a feature request.

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