Subject: printer icon

Posted on: 03/10/18 12:25pm

How can I edit css for printer and pencil icons on static pages? I want to change the width for pc and mobile. I want to edit a source code to add a class in the img tag, but I have no idea where the code is.

Re: printer icon

Posted on: 03/10/18 03:53pm
By: Laugh

Unfortunately you can't edit them directly (they really should have and id and/or their own css class. The code for generating them can be found around line 456 under:


The other option is you could add code to the template file for your theme. For example the denim theme file you could change is


Change the code:

PHP Formatted Code

to something like:

PHP Formatted Code

{!if print_icon}<span class="some_css_class">{print_icon}</span>{!endif}
{!if edit_icon}<span class="some_css_class">{edit_icon}</span>{!endif}

An easy way to find out what template file you need to change is by enabling in the Geeklog Config "Template Comments in Output" under Theme->Advanced Settings. T

Re: printer icon

Posted on: 06/10/18 11:41am

Thanks a lot.

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