Subject: bulk comments delete

Posted on: 31/08/18 03:52pm
By: Anonymous

I've neglected my Geeklog site for a while, during which time the Spammers overtook the comments.

Assuming I'm going to upgrade and maintain it, going forward...

I'll want to do some bulk deletion of comments, based on a date range. (I'm not worried about losing some valid comments duiring that same period.)

I'll go dig into the structure, this weekend. But if someone can suggest an easy 'oh, look in the following tables and delete records which match on X', or a simple SQL query to execute, boy, that would be helpful.


Re: bulk comments delete

Posted on: 31/08/18 03:57pm
By: Anonymous


Will look into the bulk comments delete, and whether it can be done on a per-date basis.

(Identifying strings that are used by the spammers might....take a lot longer.)

Re: bulk comments delete

Posted on: 31/08/18 06:16pm
By: Laugh

Geeklog does come with an admin tool for comments now. So if you upgrade to the latest version (v2.2.0) you will be able to sort comments by the date and then multi select to delete them.

You can check out the feature on the Demo site. Log in as the admin and then look for the Comments under Admins Only Block.

If you are worried about comment spam in the future you can turn on comment submissions which means the admin will have to approve the comment before it goes live.


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