Subject: Hacking core files?

Posted on: 05/03/18 10:29am

lib-common.php is hacked to modify my website long years ago.
Should I keep hacking code with the upgraded geeklog to the latest version?
Geeklog core files such as lib-common.php is not object-oriented so it seems difficult/nonsense to extends the original function. It may be possible to copy full source of it to another file and override the core functions, but it is almost same as hacking the original.
Any advice?

Re: Hacking core files?

Posted on: 05/03/18 10:50am
By: Laugh

It's hard to say without seeing what has been changed.

I would do what ever makes it easiest to upgrade your site in the future.

Maybe some of your changes are not needed anymore as a lot has changed since Geeklog 1.4.1

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