Subject: Geeklog 2.1.3 - Missing Mobile Cache Config Setting

Posted on: 15/11/17 12:29pm
By: Laugh

I found a small bug in the Geeklog 2.1.2 to Geeklog 2.1.3 upgrade script which didn't add the new mobile template cache config option. Instead it re-adding the template cache config option.

This is only an issue for people who upgraded sites from Geeklog 2.1.2 to 2.1.3. New installs added the correct config option.

This will be fixed in Geeklog 2.2.0 which we are currently working on but in the mean time if you want to enable the mobile template cache (as you have blocks etc which only appear for mobile users and you have the template cache already enabled) you can go ahead and create a php file in your root geeklog directory (ie public_html) and then add the following code:

PHP Formatted Code


require_once __DIR__ . '/lib-common.php';
require_once $_CONF['path_system'] . 'classes/config.class.php';

$c = config::get_instance();

$me = 'Core';

$c->add('cache_mobile',TRUE,'select',2,10,1,230,TRUE, $me, 10);

echo "Added Mobile Cache Config option.";

Then visit your new php page in your interent browser which will then add the missing config option. Once complete you can then delete your php page and visit the Geeklog Configuration and theme section to see the new config option.

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