Subject: How works URL Routing

Posted on: 09/07/17 11:05am
By: alb3rt

I was excited to see this new feature, however I do not understand its working, I mean ... I figured for example:

When opening
PHP Formatted Code
http: //site_example/page/page1

I would show the content of
PHP Formatted Code
http: //site_example/staticpages/index.php?Page=@page1

This happens!, however, does the URL change, I mean in the URL bar I see http: //site_example/staticpages/index.php?Page=@page1 instead of http://site_example/page/page1

What I deduce is a simple redirect, maybe it would be more useful if in addition to the redirect also make the url change. I did this in earlier versions of geeklog through .htaccess.

For example:
PHP Formatted Code

Actually it is
PHP Formatted Code

And in my .htaccess I added:

PHP Formatted Code
RewriteRule ^uccs/(.+)  /staticpages/index.php?page=uccs-$1_es [L]

In summary, I expected that what I did manually through htaccess could do it through url routing, but it does not seem to work that way.

Kind regards

Re: How works URL Routing

Posted on: 09/07/17 04:57pm
By: Laugh

Yes you can setup a redirect for all staticpages as your example shows. I personally only tested using IIS but it works with Apache as well as long as the rewrite module is enabled. Make sure the configuration URL rewrite and URL Routing are enabled. Click on the ? in The configuration for more information (I included the help links below as well)

Let us know if the settings work for you or if you have any tweaks as we can add it to the documentation for the next release.

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