Subject: Tag_Plugin_0.3.2 with GL_2.1.2

Posted on: 09/05/17 11:19am
By: masodo

I have recently upgraded my GL_1.8.1 site to 2.1.2 and that has certainly been an educational experience Wink I have been fairly successful in restoring my site to the new platform and as I begin to get this upgrade behind me I can tell I am going to really enjoy being up-to-date in my Geeklog environment. Thanks to all who work so hard to make Geeklog a fun place to be Big Grin

That being said...

The previous iteration of was using the tag plugin by mystral-kk and I cannot bear the thought of having to do without it.

So I tried installing - as for any plugin - via admin/plugins and needless to say that did not work. :/

After cleaning up the mess from that attempt I performed a manual install which included importing the db tables from the old site. With much effort I began to discover the reasons for the plugin's incompatibility but forged ahead in "groups", "access", "features" and whatever else to get this plugin functioning on the site. I have enabled the "tag_cloud" block and styled and configured to my satisfaction. The tags listed in the stories work as expected (although on the old site I had tags configured to be hidden - that's another problem I will deal with shortly)

I have access to the tag admin page (finally) so I am very (very) close to fully integrating this plugin with the following exception:

Whenever I attempt to edit or create a story I am prevented from doing so with error...
PHP Formatted Code
E_WARNING(2) - Illegal string offset 'tag' @ /path/to/BlogDogIt/plugins/tag/ line 614
Call Stack
#       Function        File    Line
1       plugin_autotags_tag     /path/to/BlogDogIt/system/lib-plugins.php       1554
2       PLG_collectTags /path/to/BlogDogIt/public_html/lib-common.php   4620
3       COM_allowedAutotags     /path/to/BlogDogIt/public_html/admin/story.php  728
4       storyeditor     /path/to/BlogDogIt/public_html/admin/story.php  927

array(6) {
  string(10) "permission"
  string(0) ""
  string(0) ""
  &array(358) {
... etc...

If i disable the tag plugin I can edit and create stories then re-enable the plugin for functionality when finished but obviously that is not ideal.

I am hoping someone with greater familiarity with how autotags interact with story.php might readily suggest areas I might look to in attempting to debug this feature. I have spent too much time trying to figure this out on my own and must now throw myself on the mercy of the experts - Please & Thank you!

Re: Tag_Plugin_0.3.2 with GL_2.1.2

Posted on: 09/05/17 12:56pm
By: Laugh

I don't have the tag plugin installed so I can't help there but do you have the latest version installed which looks to be 0.6.2?


Re: Tag_Plugin_0.3.2 with GL_2.1.2

Posted on: 09/05/17 01:28pm
By: masodo

Hi Laugh,
I was not using the latest - I appreciate the link! Now lets see what I can do with that one Geek
I'll let you know...

Re: Tag_Plugin_0.3.2 with GL_2.1.2

Posted on: 09/05/17 03:07pm
By: masodo

That newer version is going to work. It did not auto_install but after manually installing (with much the same db modifications as before) I have it working to the point of being able to edit without the error that brought me here today (yay!)

At this point there seems to be some issues with incorporating my older styling and "Tag" is not showing up in the menu when the plugin is enabled but, those seem like relatively minor annoyances at this stage.

So thanks again LAUGH you certainly gave me what I needed. If you have any thoughts about the missing menu item I would appreciate that. If I sort it out in the mean time I'll report back.

Re: Tag_Plugin_0.3.2 with GL_2.1.2

Posted on: 09/05/17 05:08pm
By: Laugh

No problem glad I could help. I just noticed the title of the topic and see that you had the Tag plugin version number you where using in there.

If you think you found a bug for the tag plugin you should go ahead and report it so hopefully it will be fixed in the next version:

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