Subject: Maps plugin 1.4.0 is available

Posted on: 22/01/16 09:41am
By: ::Ben

Maps plugin allow you to create and display google maps on a powered geeklog site. A map will be added to the profile user if user's location is set. You can create a map on the fly with just one autotag.

Download Maps 1.4.0

Re: Maps plugin 1.4.0 is available

Posted on: 23/01/16 11:56am
By: syco


To make it work on a https enabled site, i had to change lines 81

PHP Formatted Code

$js = '<script src= "' . $_MAPS_CONF['google_api_key'] . '&amp;libraries=adsense&amp;sensor=false" type="text/javascript"> </script>';

and 757
PHP Formatted Code

$c->set('url_geocode', '', $_MAPS_DEFAULT['pi_name']);

of the plugin's function.php file (basically just make them use https instead of http).

I have another problem: i can't get a map to center and zoom on a location (address) by default when i create one. Maybe i'm missing something Rolling Eyes

Re: Maps plugin 1.4.0 is available

Posted on: 23/01/16 02:52pm
By: ::Ben

Hello Syco,

Thanks for the report. You can ad bug or feature request on

For centering of a map I can't reproduce the issue. Creating a map admin/plugins/maps/map_edit.php ask 2 params. A Map Name and a Address.

Can you check the plugin config /admin/configuration.php and tell me if under maps setting the URL to Google Geocoding Service is set to

Re: Maps plugin 1.4.0 is available

Posted on: 27/01/16 09:26am
By: syco


My "URL to Google Geocoding Service" was actually incorrect. It seems to work more or less now (i'm still @100km from the supposed address but i suppose that's google).

I added the bug for https to github as well as another small one too.

Still trying to figure out why i can't get site users map to work Rolling Eyes location is set in user's profile (as i would enter it on google maps) but no markers show up on the map.

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