Subject: Released the "square" of the new Geeklog theme.

Posted on: 24/12/15 02:02am
By: milk

Theme "square" created based on the "WAIproCSS Ver2.7.1 for Geeklog2.1.0".

Theme of "square" is accessible responsive Web design and HTML5.

Theme "square" of the layout is PC 2 column, in the tablet and smartphone 1 column. (iPad and Android landscape is left and right block 2 column.)

Download the theme "square_for_2.1.0" can be from GitHub / milk54 / geeklog-square.

For more information, please refer to Released "square" of Geeklog new theme that's accessible and responsive.

Note: This theme doesn't correspond to Geeklog2.1.1 for Geeklog2.1.0.

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