Subject: Monitor Plugin v1.2.1

Posted on: 16/01/15 04:12pm
By: gtgillis

I have a question about the monitor plugin. How does it schedule when to send the logs?

Also, I added the 404.log to the list of logs that is sent. Can this be added as a default?
I did this by going to and changing line 342 to the following.
PHP Formatted Code
        MONITOR_logEmail(array('error.log','captcha.log','access.log','spamx.log', 'purepro_downloads.log', 'paypal_downloads.log', '404.log'));

Having waited a couple of days without receiving any logs via email I decided to add an admin link to send the files now. This would allow me to test that the send works right away without waiting.

I inserted the following on line 420 in public_html/admin/plugins/monitor/index.php.
PHP Formatted Code
                        | <a href="' . $_CONF['site_admin_url'] . '/plugins/monitor/index.php?action=send_logs_now">' . $LANG_MONITOR_1['send_logs_now'] . '</a>                       

Then insert the following line just after "switch (action) {" near the bottom of public_html/admin/plugins/monitor/index.php.
PHP Formatted Code
        case 'send_logs_now' :
                $content .= MONITOR_logEmail(array('error.log','captcha.log','access.log','spamx.log', 'purepro_downloads.log', 'paypal_downloads.log', '404.log'));

I also inserted the following on line 67 of the language file english.php.
PHP Formatted Code
        'send_logs_now'       => 'SEND LOGS NOW!',     

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