Subject: liquid democracy

Posted on: 17/08/13 09:03pm
By: gape

i would like to sponsor a plugin, that would enable geeklog users to
1. give (delegate) their vote to someone else
so (s)he can vote on their behalf (because ppl tend not to have time)
2. vote on proposals (articles?or?new entity)
3. it has to be possible to change the vote on a proposal (if they don't agree with how their delegate voted) at any time (until voting is closed)
4. it has to be possible to change delegates at any time, or choose noone

is this possible?
what would it be worth?
how do bounties work?

Re: liquid democracy

Posted on: 18/08/13 03:51am
By: ::Ben

Hi Gape,

Nothing is impossible with programmation. In your case, you will need to save the id of the users when they vote, witch is not compatible with our polls plugin (only ip is recorded) and we need a new table to record delegations. 1 screen to delegate vote or remove delegation, 1 screen to vote, 1 screen to check and change votes. Near 60-70 hours (writing code, fixing bugs, put into production).


Re: liquid democracy

Posted on: 18/08/13 03:06pm
By: gape

how much (money) are we talking about?
how about if we start with just 1 and 2 ?

Re: liquid democracy

Posted on: 19/08/13 03:32am
By: ::Ben

I'm going to email you.



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