Subject: new user registration fails

Posted on: 12/06/13 01:20pm
By: remy

After installing GL under PHP 5.3 I get the following "error" when registering as a new user:

8192 - Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated @ /<snipped>/system/pear/HTTP/Request.php line 412

This error points to the following code in pear:

function setURL($url)
$this->_url = &new Net_URL($url, $this->_useBrackets);

I do notice a request2.php in the pear libs. Question is: what to do now or next?

Re: new user registration fails

Posted on: 12/06/13 01:55pm
By: Dirk

Looks like your webserver is configured to report errors for deprecated constructs.

Check the php.ini (assuming you have access to it - otherwise talk to your hosting service). The recommended value for error reporting on a production system is:

PHP Formatted Code
error_reporting=E_ALL & ~E_DEPRECATED

You probably also want to set

PHP Formatted Code
display_errors = Off

while you're at it.

Changing php.ini values requires a restart of the webserver to take effect.

bye, Dirk

Re: new user registration fails

Posted on: 12/06/13 04:20pm
By: remy

Thanks for the information. It identifies correctly my problem.

My hosting service gives me 3 levels of error reporting and the option to allow custom error reporting by the scripts. The latter interferes with other hosted scripts, so I must evaluate with customer support at my hosting service.

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