Subject: install issue

Posted on: 17/02/13 09:28am
By: Anonymous

then i try to install i get an error message saying i need to change file permissions to the correct ones.... but the permissions MATCH what GL is asking me to change them to... please help... text that i get is below:

E:/kunden/homepages/32/d454062332/www/webit/blog/other/db-config.phpChange to 666 (Currently 666)

E:/kunden/homepages/32/d454062332/www/webit/blog/other/backups/Change to 777 (Currently 777)

E:/kunden/homepages/32/d454062332/www/webit/blog/other/data/Change to 777 (Currently 777)

E:/kunden/homepages/32/d454062332/www/webit/blog/other/logs/error.logChange to 666 (Currently 666)

E:/kunden/homepages/32/d454062332/www/webit/blog/siteconfig.phpChange to 666 (Currently 666)

E:/kunden/homepages/32/d454062332/www/webit/blog/backend/geeklog.rssChange to 666 (Currently 666)

E:/kunden/homepages/32/d454062332/www/webit/blog/images/articles/Change to 777 (Currently 777)

E:/kunden/homepages/32/d454062332/www/webit/blog/images/topics/Change to 777 (Currently 777)

E:/kunden/homepages/32/d454062332/www/webit/blog/images/userphotosChange to 777 (Currently 777)

Re: install issue

Posted on: 21/02/13 08:20am
By: 1000ideen

Did you double check? Is this a webspace or your hard disk with windows on it?

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