Subject: Calendar no right block

Posted on: 18/01/13 06:49pm
By: MartinD

For all pages I want left and right blocks except (for viewing space reasons) I want the calendar plugin to use the right block space. How do I turn off he right block for the calendar only ?



Re: Calendar no right block

Posted on: 19/01/13 11:57am
By: suprsidr

in public_html/calendar/index.php look to the bottom of the file for :
PHP Formatted Code
$display = COM_createHTMLDocument($display, array('pagetitle' => $pagetitle));

change it to :
PHP Formatted Code

$display = COM_createHTMLDocument($display, array('what' => 'none', 'rightblock' => -1, 'pagetitle' => $pagetitle));

'what' => 'none' turns off the leftblocks and 'rightblock' => -1 turns off rightblocks

You may also need to add:
PHP Formatted Code
$_CONF['show_right_blocks'] = false;

just above the call to COM_createHTMLDocument depending on your settings.


Re: Calendar no right block

Posted on: 20/01/13 06:54am
By: MartinD

Many Tks suprsidr,

That worked perfectly.



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