Subject: Ban install on GL 1.8.1

Posted on: 14/12/12 11:46am
By: masodo

UPDATE... Never Mind - I'm an idiot.
Once I discovered and installed it I have Ban functionality.

Downloaded Here:

Suggestion: It is very difficult to locate specific plugins for Geeklog. Why not list plugins sorted by which GL implementation they have been tested to work with and link directly to the file.

I love my Geeklog site but getting it configured has been a scavenger hunt. (of course it could NEVER have happened without this site) I am sure by the time I finish setting up my site I will know my way around here.




I have been attempting to install the [b]Ban[/b] plugin onto my [b]GL 1.8.1[/b] site and can't quite get the job done.

I have tried auto installing from [b]ban_1.0_1.3.8.tar.gz[/b] and it looks like it is installing... I get to the "Read THIS before clicking the install button" bit But when I click the INSTALL button nothing really happens.

I get no error and the error.log has nothing to offer.

I tried manually installing (creating needed folders and transferring files) and get the exact same (non) result.

I have successfully added [i]SocialShare, Tag, Bad Behavior2, Capcha, GUS and Smilies [/i] so I am pretty sure I am doing my part correctly.

I know that BAN is a pretty tired old plugin and is likely incompatible with GL 1.8.1. It could be one of those guys that require Register_Globals = ON and I am forced to run my site with Globals OFF.

So my question is (are): Is there any way for me to get Ban to work? Is there any alternative?
I have been manually inputting IPs into Spam-X but think it would be nice if I could get Ban integration into GUS (as advertised in GUS)

would appreciate any help, advice or comment. Big Grin

Re: Ban install on GL 1.8.1

Posted on: 14/12/12 08:20pm
By: Laugh

One of the many things on the list to update on is to make it easier to find the plugins people are looking for to install. Big Grin

Once Geeklog 2.0.0 is out the door and the forum plugin is finalized we will start working on updating to make it easier to find things.


PS I have a new version of the ban plugin which I hope to release next month that adds a few features.

Re: Ban install on GL 1.8.1

Posted on: 14/12/12 10:13pm
By: masodo

Thanks for the good words Laugh. If I could suggest the one thing that would have made all the difference for me would be to include the top navbar links in the left column menu. My biggest mistake was thinking if I followed Topics=>Home=>Development=>Plugins then I would find what I was looking for.

I can get to the forum via 3 links 2 of which are on the left column menu but the only way to access downloads is via top nav - and being the idiot I admitted to being, never thought to look there - so is it idiot proof? Depends on the idiot I suppose.

sorry to drift off topic but just trying to save face Wink

as to your PS: drool Razz

Re: Ban install on GL 1.8.1

Posted on: 15/12/12 09:51am
By: Laugh

Thanks for you pointers on the navigation. I will add them to my notes. Once we get a rough outline finished (prob 3 months) I will post it for feedback from the community.

Re: Ban install on GL 1.8.1

Posted on: 08/03/14 10:44am
By: Habitual

I hate to necro-post, but I could not even get this plugin to upload to my 1.8.1 site.
Upload via plugins says "The plugin was successfully uploaded." but it doesn't show up.

Gus 1.7.2 installed.


Re: Ban install on GL 1.8.1

Posted on: 10/03/14 10:03am
By: masodo

Are you trying to install from that link up there in my original post?

I just know I was having all kinds of trouble until I installed that version/file.

I am running GUS 1.7.0 so I don't know if that could be the issue. At this point I don't really remember if I ultimately had to manually install but I am thinking not.

May not be much help... but just to let you know your post was read by thread starter Wink

Re: Ban install on GL 1.8.1

Posted on: 13/03/14 03:06pm
By: Habitual

Thanks Masodo:
Yes, I installed from opening post:

It may be moot now, as I've installed fail2ban, mod_evasive, mod_security and the bad_behavior plugin on my host.

Thank you!

You have a link for 1.7.0? I can't find it and my search-engine kung-fu is pretty good.

Re: Ban install on GL 1.8.1

Posted on: 13/03/14 04:58pm
By: Laugh

The latest version of the Gus plugin is 1.7.2: Geeklog Usage Stats [GUS] Plugin 1.7.2

The latest version of the Ban plugin is 1.0.3:

This version of the ban plugin is not proactive. Basically you use it to ban any ips based on observed traffic you don't like.

I have been working on the Ban plugin 2.0.0 (for Geeklog 2.0.0 and higher) which can be found here:

It has not yet been released as I want to add some features to it and the config is still stored in the config.php file and not the database but you are more than welcome to try it out as it is stable. This version of the ban plugin is proactive. It will analyze your traffic stored by the Gus plugin for signatures of a few basic span bots and block their ips (either permanently or for x number of days). You can also block ips stored in the stop forum spam database.

Re: Ban install on GL 1.8.1

Posted on: 14/03/14 02:03pm
By: Habitual


I only have GL 1.8.1 and couldn't get it to upgrade to 2.0.0

I have your excellent GUS 1.7.2 plugin but the ban plugin is missing and I am either trying to find one I can install, or downgrade GUS to 1.7.0 and try the BanPlugin 1.0.3 with that.

Thank you very much.

Re: Ban install on GL 1.8.1

Posted on: 17/03/14 09:23am
By: masodo

Thank you Laugh for the link to the latest GUS (1.7.2). It installed as smooth as silk and now peacefully coexists along with the BAN 1.0.3 plugin. I am thinking therefore it must be something else going on Habitual, to prevent a successful install of BAN.

I am not familiar with fail2ban, mod_evasive and mod_security - will have to look them up.

Lately I have been questioning just how effective BAN actually is at blocking the traffic and have taken to occasionally converting my BAN data into an .htaccess file with redirection to a custom 403 Error page. (I wonder if a custom 403 page is "in the cards" for BAN?)

I have been trying to work up the nerve to upgrade my GL1.8.1 to the Latest 2.0.# but have to admit, comments like Habitual's (and others) are not very encouraging. I am so very happy running GL1.8.1 and hate the thought of struggling to get up-to-date. However, news of a newer more proactive BAN plugin is tugging me again in that direction Wink


Ok, once again is was time for masodo to RTFM Big Grin


Has a lot to say about BAN had I only read carefully... I was using the GUS Ignore syntax (MySql based) to attempt to BAN blocks of IPs which has done nothing since I should have been using RegEx. At least I have not been collecting stats on the "perps."

And the custom 403 Error code page has been there all along. Proving once again... Yep, I'm an idiot Rolling Eyes

See that is the problem with trying to sort this out in the margins of my day job. But hey, it's all good... Thanks again to all who work to make Geeklog such a great CMS!

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