Subject: How to change Site URL

Posted on: 02/10/12 10:35am
By: ishmot

I have a geeklog installation that was installed under an old domain name that I no longer want to maintain but I would like to maintain the geeklog site under a new domain name and URL.

I thought that simply changing the site_url, & site_admin_url and my other paths in the database would do the trick however the site is still not working.

The site resides on the same server it always has just no longer under the previous domain. Site version is 1.6.1 I believe.

Here it is in its current unfunctional state: (Lind deleted after problem solved)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: How to change Site URL

Posted on: 02/10/12 10:46am
By: Laugh

As of Geeklog 1.6.0 a migrate function was added to the install which makes it much easier to move a site from an old domain to a new one.

To use it you will have to copy the install files (found under the admin directory) back onto your site and then run the migrate option.

Remember to delete the install files once you are finished. Also make sure you use the install files from Geeklog 1.6.1 and not from a newer version. These files can be found here


Re: How to change Site URL

Posted on: 02/10/12 01:39pm
By: ishmot

Thank you! That worked like a charm once I got everything setup correctly.

Thanks for your help.

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