Subject: Feature Request for GL2.0?

Posted on: 22/06/12 06:32pm
By: samstone

Before I submit this to the Feature Request area, I would like to find out what you all think.

Since GL2.0 has multi-topic capability, I wonder if it is feasible (without a great deal of work on the developers) to add a topic description field. For example, if an author is assigned to a particular topic, this field can include a brief bio of the author, or some related information to show up automatically at the bottom of each story. Something like the Topic Icon that shows up with every story of that topic.

Or is there something like that already in place?



Re: Feature Request for GL2.0?

Posted on: 23/06/12 03:41am
By: Dirk

There's a feature request for this already with some thoughts and alternatives, e.g. using a static page.

bye, Dirk

Re: Feature Request for GL2.0?

Posted on: 23/06/12 08:38am
By: Laugh

I was going to add it at one point when I was changing all the topic stuff but in the end we figured that a topic with a staticpage centerblock as a description gave the users more options.


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