Subject: Duplicate email issue

Posted on: 21/10/11 07:40am
By: ::Ben

A user on a geeklog site get 2 accounts (1 geeklog and 1 facebook) with the same email and he is telling me he can not log anymore with his old login.
If this user ask for a new password for this email address what do you think the system will do?


Re: Duplicate email issue

Posted on: 21/10/11 07:49am
By: Dirk

You can't request a new password for a remotely authenticated user account (such as a Facebook account) and Geeklog takes this into account.

When you enter your email address, it looks for a matching account that is not a remote user account, so it should find his "real" username and account. Or simply request for the proper account (if he still knows it), then it'll ignore the remote account as well.

In other words: It should work as expected.

bye, Dirk

Re: Duplicate email issue

Posted on: 21/10/11 11:56am
By: ::Ben

Yes, I don't know why this user could not log-in. Anyway, he requested a new password for his first account, changed the password and then he could log-in.



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