Subject: path problem.

Posted on: 01/09/11 07:09am
By: Zippo


I have 2 GeekLogs running.

1 works fine.
In the other one I do not see any graphics.

I view (by right click) and compare teh sourcodes of both websites.

and for instance:
The working one shows:
PHP Formatted Code
<a href="" target= "_blank"><img alt="" src= "" width="47" height="12"></a>

The NOT working one only shows:
PHP Formatted Code
<a href="/jQchat/emoticons.php" target= "_blank"><img alt="" src= "/jQchat/images/smiley_group.png" width="47" height="12"></a>

It seems only to effect (ALL) graphics. (adminindex, forum, what's new block, static pages).

I checked: siteconfig, MySql base.
I cannot find the error.
Has anybody an idea where to look?


Re: path problem.

Posted on: 04/09/11 08:51am
By: Zippo

Found it!

I moved some folders with the cpanel filemanager (faster).
But somehow he messed with my files.

Copied the working website to my Harddisk and back.
And everything is working fine.

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