Subject: Migrate and "Missing a temporary folder"

Posted on: 19/07/11 07:48pm
By: Anonymous

Dirk, I'm running into a problem migrating a site. I am getting the message "Notice: Missing a temporary folder." when I migrate from a backup done via SQLYOG of a 1.7.1 GL database. I have a dev/test/prod environment and am trying to migrate the site to the test server to validate the final production post - I was blown away to see I couldn't just copy the sites anymore with the security token problem - no worries I thought - Just follow the migration script, but this error is rather short on details. Tracked the language file to #106 for this message and tried to follow it before my brain seized up. Any advice? Jon

Re: Migrate and "Missing a temporary folder"

Posted on: 20/07/11 06:51am
By: Dirk

Actually, that message that you found in the language file doesn't seem to be used in Geeklog. Which means that the message is coming from somewhere else.

A quick Google search indicates that it could be PHP complaining about the lack of a temp. directory, specifically for the "upload_tmp_dir" setting in php.ini. So this could be a problem with your local PHP setup. Check your php.ini and whether you've set a upload_tmp_dir.

bye, Dirk

Re: Migrate and "Missing a temporary folder"

Posted on: 20/07/11 12:48pm
By: Anonymous

Ok - Here is what was so strange. I changed the php.ini file to not use the c:\windows\temp directory, but one I made in c:\php\uploads. I also had to set the permissions for the IUSR_systemname user to allow for the uploads to that folder.

Had to kick the script a couple of times and then it worked. Thanks for pointing me the right way Dirk - appreciate it!

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