Subject: User Export

Posted on: 24/01/11 09:57pm
By: kilerb


So, I logged into my server and brought up phpMyAdmin... Exported the users database to a csv file. I found a program that can import this into another program. The only issue is, the passwords are not there. If I mass email everyone saying that all their passwords have been reset to "magic" then anyone can login with any username they've seen before if that user hasn't changed it yet. Is there a way to export the passwords too? Or is there a solution I'm not thinking of? Right now it seems the passwords are there and changed into a code I'm not familiar with.

Thanks a lot!

Re: User Export

Posted on: 25/01/11 06:14am
By: 1000ideen

The passwords are saved in a safe way so you can`t see them in clear text.

I don`t understand what you plan to do after all Confused:

Re: User Export

Posted on: 25/01/11 06:25am
By: Dirk

Geeklog only stores the password hashes, not the actual passwords.

I'd set the passwords to random values in the new system and then tell everybody to use the "forgot your password?" option (there sure is something like that?) to get themselves a new password.

bye, Dirk

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