Subject: Help Please

Posted on: 31/12/10 12:43pm
By: Anonymous

I tried to do a new Theme in my Files directory, but then I ended up losing the Professional theme and now everytime i do anything in the configuration manager and refresh the website it is blank white - no content, no theme nothing. The only way I can get to the configuration manager is the back button.

HELP!!! I need to get any theme on there right now so we can use the site, but I also need to change the GEEKLOG picture to our own logo.


Re: Help Please

Posted on: 31/12/10 12:46pm
By: Anonymous

The professional layout is still in the file manager and the filepath hasn't changed. so i don't understand why the screen would show blank white.

Re: Help Please

Posted on: 31/12/10 01:31pm
By: Dirk


bye, Dirk

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