Subject: DB Backup Error on Installation

Posted on: 25/11/10 10:34pm
By: cosmicforums

I loaded my Geeklog site from Fantastico, and everything is working fine except for the DB Backups. When I try to "Create New" to create a new backup, I get this:


There was an error:

Incorrect path, security restriction in effect or mysqldump utility not executable.
Check mysqldump_path definition in the Configuration.
Check open_basedir settings in PHP.
Path currently defined as: /usr/bin/mysqldump


Could you help me out a bit. I tried to find the path it was asking for, and I didnt see it. Is that path supposed to be in the public_html, or above the public_html? Could you tell me what needs to be tweeked to make this message go away and for the DB Backups to work so I can keep Geeklog on my site for many, many moons from now. I'm not exactly sure what this error message is trying to tell me to fix.

Re: DB Backup Error on Installation

Posted on: 27/11/10 09:36am
By: ivy

Dbman plugin

This plugin allows you to backup/restore Geeklog database WITHOUT using mysqldump(.exe).

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