Subject: Building committees and teams

Posted on: 28/08/10 08:07am
By: 1000ideen

I see the necessity to build committees and teams within the GL community to support internal communication and growth.

When you look at big companies, they have areas like production, sales (marketing), organisation (billing, staff, legal things etc.) and heads and team members.

If GL wants to grow it also needs a separation of tasks, heads of teams to decide things and give it all a new dynamic.

Re: Building committees and teams

Posted on: 28/08/10 10:33am
By: 1ynx

I would have to agree here.

Geeklog has allot to offer, when you simply compare it to e.g. Wordpress then Geeklog comes with allot more out of the box. And if you indeed keep the focus on security then it has a pretty firm statement which sets it apart from all the other Blog / CMS tools out there.

I wouldn't know what kind of teams there should be, I guess this could be an example:

- Head: Person overseeing the entire project.
- Members. Maybe split it up in several parts, e.g. certain members being responsible for specific plugins etc.
(I have no idea how this is right now, so I don't know how structured you can make this at this very moment)

- Head: Person overseeing everything related to communication.
- Marketing department: People that simply get people to make reviews on Geeklog, get it into the news, persuade potential users that Geeklog is tha shit, etc. Razz
- News department: People that post all the news on the Geeklog site based on what the developers are working on, what positive news there is from Markting, etc.
- Forum watch: Moderator task force. (answering questions, keeping the forums in shape, poking developers that there's a tricky question, etc. ^_~)

- Head: Person overseeing the entire documentation proces. (not sure to what extend though, maybe at first documentation for the regular users and more advanced users but not yet developers?)
- Members: People responsible for pieces of documentation, they contribute to the wiki or find documentation elsewhere and contribute it that way.
(not sure how to fill this one in yet either.)

MT (Management Team)
- The big boss. (assuming he's at the head of everything and oversees the departments via the department heads)
- All department heads.

I would like to help but not sure in what area.

Re: Building committees and teams

Posted on: 28/08/10 04:00pm
By: Anonymous

Hi, am not a programer, and what am i doing is simlar to organization and vision. but if i could somethink to help i here.

Re: Building committees and teams

Posted on: 08/03/11 04:58am
By: 1000ideen

I wonder if it would be helpful to create a forum containing all users who claim " I have a serious interest in Geeklog" ? Users of this forum could be elected or clect people for certain committees.

E.g. an elected website maintainance committee of 3 people who form and supervise teams for the website tasks like moderators, news, technical site maintenance etc.

A committee shoud be elected for a period and have decission power. The teams are the helpers.

Any ideas Confused:

Re: Building committees and teams

Posted on: 08/03/11 10:00am
By: Laugh

I don't think we will need a forum at the moment but this topic is a good start.

While I do think we need people in charge of certain aspects of Geeklog I don't think electing committee's would work at the moment since we are so small. Plus, being open source and relying on people to donate their time results in not having people around all the time since family, work, etc. take precedence.

When I start on’s redesign I will be not only be asking for the communities input but the communities help as well (or it will never get finished). A number of new pages, etc. have to be designed that communicate much more clearly, what Geeklog is, what is available for Geeklog, Support for Geeklog, and how to help out. In the help out section roles will have to be defined as well as who is in charge of certain aspects of Geeklog and who you need to contact if for example you want to become a forum moderator. For the roles there also would be some set of minimum qualifications of what we look for when accepting someone to a role (ie for a forum moderator we would expect someone to already be active in the forum).


Re: Building committees and teams

Posted on: 15/03/11 04:15am
By: 1000ideen

committee's would work at the moment since we are so small.

I don`t think so and anyway who is "we"?

As you see people come to this forum like Ales and several others who had an interest in improving GL or the site or helping in other ways. Who is coordinating those people? Who do you discuss your ideas with?

Re: Building committees and teams

Posted on: 19/03/11 08:08pm
By: Roccivic

Quote by: 1000ideen

who is "we"?

Or, even better, how many is we?

Re: Building committees and teams

Posted on: 20/03/11 04:53am
By: ::Ben

:chestslam: We need a team for the forum plugin here.


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