Subject: Themes only work in I.E.

Posted on: 24/05/10 09:21pm
By: zedmelon

I've recently installed GeekLog and am anxious to get started using it. However, I have a strange situation with the themes...

When I select a new theme, I see a note that says my changes were successful, but there's no visible update. The themes work as expected in I.E.(v.6). I'd been thinking I had either a corrupted database or bad file permissions, but if I.E. can find the theme, I can't see how either could be the case.

Firefox and Chrome display only the professional theme, no matter which is actually selected. I'm wondering if an IE security flaw is circumventing another security flaw in my config, giving the appearance of a superior browser.

I tried from work and found similar results. Firefox doesn't like any of the themes, and I.E.(v.7, so a security flaw is less likely) displays them fine. From both work and home I can log into both the GeekLog interface and ssh.

What am I missing? Is this along the lines of a DocType declaration?

Re: Themes only work in I.E.

Posted on: 24/05/10 10:56pm
By: suprsidr

Theme is cached in the site's cookie.
And a user's theme choice takes preference over the site's default as long as it exists.

So you may need to clear your browser's cookies for your site to see the theme change.


Re: Themes only work in I.E.

Posted on: 25/05/10 12:12am
By: zedmelon

1) that worked, so thank you.

2) that worked, so I feel like a complete dolt.

3) Only one user so far (admin). The problem persisted even after I'd logged out of the admin UI, so it must have been a cookie.

4) I'm fuzzy on how cookies work, but
- a) if Geeklog can issue one cookie, can't it update/replace that cookie anytime?
- b) why did I.E. not have the same cookie issue?
- c) I'm not too surprised CTRL-F5 doesn't clear cookies, but I guess I proved it to myself.

Re: Themes only work in I.E.

Posted on: 25/05/10 04:20pm
By: Dirk

Yes, a site that sets a cookie can update or delete it again later on.

The theme cookie is only set when you change something in your profile. So maybe you didn't do that in IE? When the theme cookie is not set, the site will use the default theme, as set in the Configuration.

bye, Dirk

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