Subject: Donation button on front page

Posted on: 06/04/10 05:07am
By: Anonymous

Hi everyone,

Just a thought....

I was wondering if it would be a good idea to have a Donation button on your front page to help finance Geeklog. I am not sure how it all works within the open source community as I am new to all of this, but would it not help you guys out to have income from people who are using your programme? This income could then be used to pay developers etc for checking security of your site and so on. I did notice that you have a sponsorship link, but I thought it might be better from a marketing point of view to have a big button to say Donate.


Re: Donation button on front page

Posted on: 06/04/10 04:07pm
By: Dirk

We do have a few sponsors and the idea was to use that money for our bounty program - which didn't really take off. I doesn't make much sense to hoard more money when we don't use it.

There's a saying, "Open source projects run on time, not on money". Maybe we should put a Donate Time! button up ...

bye, Dirk

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