Subject: Upgrade (to 1.6.0)

Posted on: 20/07/09 05:31am
By: ::Ben

This morning I upgraded to geeklog 1.6.0 and here are some notes :

:shakehands: I like the warning message on home page : "You should really remove the install directory once you have your site up and running without any errors. Please check the security of your site before using it!"

The install doc says :
When upgrading from Geeklog 1.5.0 or later: Put the db-config.php and siteconfig.php from your old install back into their place now

but doing this the GL Version Test (1.5.2) tell to upgrade to new version Smile

Frown If you don't pay attention the backend/geeklog.rss is overwrite and the feed is empty

Idea As lib-custom.php is overwrite too we could use a call to system/custom/my-lib-custom.php file in lib-custom.php to avoid this issue.

Arrow Remove old 14 public-html/docs/*.html

Arrow De install old plugins dataproxy and sitemap


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